Vauxhall MK4 Astra Zafira G GSi Coupe SRi Turbo Intercooler Kit Z20LET

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Product Description

TX Autosport Mk4 Astra G GSi Turbo Intercooler Kit Z20LET 2.0L Turbo Engine 01-05

12 Months Warranty

This Intercooler Is A Big Improvement On The Standard Side Mounted Intercooler, It Has 95% Of The Front Core Area Exposed To High Pressure Air, Whereas The Standard Intercooler Has Around 45% Covered Up By The Front Bumper.

Alloy Intercooler Bar & Plate Design  The Core And 57mm Outlets Are Rated Upto 350bhp.
  • Good Front Surface Area Size
  • Super Strong
  • 100% Aluminium For The Best Heat Transfer
  • Burst Tested To 150psi

On road testing the larger lower mounted intercooler gave a very good improvement on the inlet temperature lowering it by 16 Degrees. Which thus improves power output, rolling road testing showed a 19bhp gain on a standard 2003 Astra GSi Turbo z20let engine, Ideal upto stage 3 / 4 - 340bhp

Complete Kit Contains:

  • Mounting Brackets And Studs
  • 2 Upgraded Slim Line Aircon Fans
  • Alloy Intercooler 65mm Core
  • 57mm Polished Stainless Steel Polished Pipes
  • 4 ply Silicone Hose's (BLUE - BLACK - RED)
  • Super Strong Stainless Hose Clamps

Very Easy To Fit, Comes With Step By Step Easy To Follow Instructions With Photos.

GSI Model Bumpers Do Not Need Cutting, However The Coupe Will Need A Small Part Inside Of The Bumper Trimmed.