Universal Flexible / Extendable 76mm 3" Air Intake Induction Pipe

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3" 76 mm Round Universal Flexible / Extendable Cold Air Induction Pipe
As well as achieving better overall filtration efficiency, fitting this part will allow the engine to draw in more cool air, resulting in an increased Throttle Response and even more power output.
Made using flexible but strong ABS plastic and Aluminium components, this Universal Induction Pipe has been Designed and Manufactured with longevity in mind.
This part can be installed in seconds and is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
The Pipe can be extended a full 0.8 meters, meaning this part offers multiple placement options.
Compatible with any vehicle using a 3" 76 mm hose as standard.
Our Induction Pipe is supplied with 2 x 3" clamps and no other modifications are required to achieve fitment.
Please note: No fitting instructions are supplied