1.75" 47mm - 55mm Hose Clamp

TX Autosport


1 x 1.75" 47-55mm
  • High quality hose clamp 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Strong clamping power like mikalor
  • Strong enough to use as an exhaust clamp
  • All sizes stocked - (1.75" - 4.00")
  • Looks great under the bonnet
  • Great replacement for your:
    • Intercooler clamps
    • Chargecooler clamps
    • Supercharger clamps
    • Radiator clamps
    • Exhaust clamps
Sizes work as follows:

If you are using a 2.00" / 51mm metal pipe, you would use a 2.00" / 54 to 62mm clamp.

Remember to include the thickness of the silicone hose your using when clamping down onto your metal pipe.

Stop your pipes popping off with these strong hose clamps!

(10mm galvanized nut to tighten your clamp - please allow for the thickness of silicone)