Vauxhall Astra VXR 2.5" Highflow, Tophat + Map Pipe - Dump Valve Model

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Product Description

Astra VXR Z20LEH Turbo Dump Valve 2.5" 63mm TopHat
  • This is a direct replacement for the standard Tophat.
  • Will fit standard or modified cars
The Tophat will improve throttle response and sustain power through the rev range for longer, giving you an all round better performance.
Tophat 63mm / 2.5"

This Tophat has a larger diameter and more flow than the standard Tophat, this improves air intake by de-restricting the tight bends in the standard Tophat.

Easy Fit - Only 8mm & 10mm Spanner Needed!

63mm / 2.5" Stainless Steel TopHat
63mm / 2.25" Map Sensor Pipe
2 x Heavy Duty Hose Clamps
1 x Dump Valve Connector Silicone with Clamps
1 x Silicone Reducer