Vauxhall Astra & Zafira Z20LET Z20LEH GT28 Turbo Manifold Kit

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Product Description

Astra/Zafira GT28 Turbo Manifold Kit

After nearly a year of design and testing, we can finally offer a cheaper upgrade turbo solution for your Z20 LEH / Z20 LET engine.  Whether you have a standard engine or fully rebuilt, fitting a Garret GT28 you will have peace of mind that your turbo is up to the job, and won't let you down.

Note: Turbo not supplied with this Manifold & fitting kit.

We recommend:
  • Garret GT28 60RS with .86 Housing  360bhp
  • Garret GT28 71R with .86 Housing  430bhp
  • from (Turbo Dynamics 01202 487 497)
Other specs can be used to suit your individual setup.

With the GT28 60RS and our kit fitted to a Astra VXR with standard engine internals, + TXA Intercooler & Top hat Kit we were able to achieve 357bhp.

Our other test car was a Mk4 Astra GSi, using the Garret GT28 71R which achieved 396bhp

  • Steel Rods
  • Oil Spray Jets
  • Forged 8:5:1 Pistons
  • TXA 2.5" Intercooler Kit
  • 80mm AFM + VXR injectors
  • TXA Panel Filter
Our Turbo Manifold Kit includes:
  • Equal length manifold
  • Air intake pipe & rocker cover breather connection
  • 76mm Downpipe with EGT Boss (Connects up to standard Exhaust)
  • Custom Polished oil breather pipe and Silicone connection
  • Water Feed
  • Oil Feed
  • Oil Return & block connection
  • Nuts, Studs & all gaskets
  • With this kit air conditioning can be left in place, also a vent to atmosphere dumpvalve is needed.
NOTE: We give 12 months Warranty with all parts on this kit. We recommend bracing the manifold to the block when fitting this kit.