Silver Polished Cotton Sports Induction Cone Air Filter

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SILVER Cotton Sports Induction Cone Air Filter
  • Brand new
  • Boxed
  • Latest design
  • The best quality universal type cone filter
  • 1 year guarantee
  • 76mm (3 inch) Intake Connection
To maximise the potential of your engine you need to ensure you get as much air as possible to your engine.

This NEW air filter will offer less restriction, improve air flow and increase the volume of air being drawn into the cylinders. The ECU will increase the fuel flow rate to maintain the air fuel ratio, Which then produces greater combustion in the cylinders thus giving more power.

ADVANTAGES of this Filter:
  • Noticeable increase in both power and torque 
  • Louder sports induction ROAR!
  • Flows more air for longer, Outperforming other brands
  • Huge application range (Fits over 3,000 different cars)
  • Slick Motorsport Racing design
  • Used by some of the world's top racing teams and engine builders