Universal Medium Front Mount Intercooler - Tube & Fin Design - 690x160x90mm - 63mm Inlets

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Universal Lightweight FMIC Tube & Fin Design 690mm x 160mm x 90mm With 63mm Inlets

12 Months Warranty
Universal Lightweight Alloy Intercooler Tube & Fin Design (Strongest & Best Performing)
Ideal For Petrol Or Diesel Cars
  • Cooling Wise This Core Is PERFECT As An Upgrade On All Turbocharged Cars To Great Effect
  • Noticeable Gain From Standard!
The Core And 63mm Outlets Are Rated Upto 400bhp.

It Has A Decent Size Core Of 9cm Thick And A Good Front Surface Area Size.
  • Super Strong
  • 100% Aluminium For The Best Heat Transfer
  • Burst Tested To 140psi
SIZES: Also Can Be Seen In Photos
  • 69cm Wide End To End 
  • 16cm High
  • 9cm Thick
  • 63mm (2.5") Pipe Inlets/Outlets
Code: 115011TF