2.5" Astra Zafira GSi SRi Z20LET Turbo Tophat + Powerpipe Non Dump Valve Connection

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Product Description

Astra Zafira GSi SRi Coupe Turbo Non Dump Valve 2.5" TopHat + PowerPipe

This Is A Direct Replacement For The Standard Tophat And Rubber Boost Hose To The Intercooler. Will Fit Standard Or Modified Cars - Connects Onto Standard Or Upgraded Intercooler

The Tophat / Powerpipe Kit Will Improve Throttle Response And Sustain Power Through The Rev Range For Longer, Giving You An All Round Better Performance.
Tophat 63mm / 2.5"
This TopHat Has A Larger Diameter And More Flow Than The Standard Tophat, This Improves Air Intake By De-Restricting The Tight Bends In The Standard Tophat.

Powerpipe 63mm / 2.5"
This Powerpipe Has A Larger Diameter Than Standard Which Improves Airflow, Also Being Solid Means It Eliminates Any Power Loss Due To Expanding Or Collapsing Of The Standard Rubber Boost Hose.

Easy Fit - Only 8mm & 10mm Spanner Needed!

  • 63mm / 2.5" Stainless Steel TopHat
  • 63mm / 2.5" Stainless Steel PowerPipe
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Hose Clamps
  • 2 x Silicone Reducers
More pipe work colours are available - Please call for a quote.