Astra VXR Z20LEH Billet Aluminium Lightweight Bottom Crank Pulley

TX Autosport


 BOTTOM CRANK PULLEY - Super Light Weight BILLET Aluminum

This Pulley Is Designed To Fit The Vauxhall 2.0 litre Turbo Engine,

Variants include the Z20LET / Z20LER / Z20LEH Astra MK4 SRI GSI Turbo, Coupe Turbo, VX220T and Astra MK5 SRI & VXR 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Pulley will have NO engraving.
  • Precision drilled for perfect stiffness and balance
  • Lightweight billet aluminium
  • Weighs less than quarter of the standard pulley
  • Will increase throttle response and help raise BHP
Comes with 4 x Stainless Allen Bolts