Universal Car Battery Tray (4 Styles Available)

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Product Description

Universal Car Battery Tray/Box for a variety of batteries - Check which tray you need from the table below.

TX Autosport universal battery trays offer an ideal replacement of a rusted/corroded battery tray or relocation of battery to the boot.

The tray has a recessed bottom panel for additional strength and to allow a flush bolt install.

Battery Type 017 / 019 027 / 065 / 075 063 095 / 096
Tray sizes 373x197mm 255x197mm 214x194mm 292x197mm
Suitable Batteries Duracel DA95H
Bosch S3012
Bosch S3013
Exide EA1000
Exide EK950
Lucas LP017
Bosch S3004
Bosch S5004
Bosch S4004
Duracell DA62
Exide Excell EB602
Exide Excell EK600
Exide Premium EA612
Lucas LP065
Varta D15
Varta D21
Bosch S5001
Bosch S4001
Duracell DA44
Exide EA472
Exide EB442
Lucas LS063
Varta C6
Bosch S3 S3008
Bosch S4 S4008
Duracell DA74
Duracell DE70EFB
Lucas LC096
Exide Excel 096
Exide Premium 067TE
Varta E38
Varta E11


Built from Heavy Duty Steel and powder coated Black.

Heavy duty clamp bar supplied has been tested off road. This will secure the battery no matter what you throw at it.

Supplied with all required fixing bolts as shown in photo

Please note: Battery and wires are not included.