Ceramic Exhaust Wrap 51x3mm 1200°c (10m Roll)

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Product Description

Ceramic Exhaust Wrap - 10 Meter x 51mm x 3mm - Rated to 1200°F

  • Colour: White
  • Suitable for manifolds and downpipes
  • Will greatly reduce under bonnet temperatures
  • Will keep exhaust gases accelerating as they leave the system
  • Will lower the air intake charge temperature
  • Helps prevent skin burns when working on hot engines
The benefit of heat wrap is little known outside of competitive motorsport, Exhaust Insulating Wrap will create more horsepower and reduce under-bonnet temperatures. By wrapping your exhaust headers manifolds and downpipes will maintain hotter exhaust gases and will keep them moving faster as they exit the system. The wrap will protect heat sensitive parts if the exhaust pipes (or downpipes) pass close (alternator, brake lines, starter, etc.) and in most cases without the exhaust manifold needing to be removed. This will also keep unwanted heat out of you engine bay decreasing your inlet charge temperatures allowing the Intercooler and turbocharger to work more efficiently generating more bhp.

The total length is 10 meters of heat wrap which should be more than enough for the exhaust systems of cars and motorcycles. The width is approximately 51 mm (2”), thickness is 3mm and will give continuous heat protection upto 1200°F. This wrap is non-flammable and asbestos-free.


    FITTING TIP: soaking the wrap in water before fitting will help to wrap it tight and the ends of the wrap can be held in place by stainless steel ties.