Slimline Radiator Fan Fitting Kit Pull Through Core Type

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Product Description

Slim Line Fan Fixing Bracket Kit, Pull Through Core Type as used by Kenlowe SPAL PACET and TX Autosport.

Being the UK's biggest seller of Universal Slim Line Fans, we have found these to be the most efficient way of mounting a Slim Line Fan to any radiator for your Car, Truck, Van, Bike or Camper.

We have done the testing to make sure we supply the best quality Fans and Fittings, we give months Replacement Warranty on all our Slim Line Fans and Fitting Kits.

Fit a fan securely in 5 minutes, simply pull fixings through the radiator core and fan, then fasten with clips provided. Job Done! Easy as That!
  • 4 x Pull Fixings
  • 4x Tension Springs
  • Foam backing pads
  • 4x Locking Caps