MegaMaxx UK™ Wall Mount Wrench & Spanner Rack

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MegaMaxx UK™ Wall Mount Wrench & Spanner Rack

Do you use wrenches and spanners a lot in your work? Do you find accessing them difficult? Sometimes the little plastic box they come in can be a nightmare to store and it takes time to pop them our the case! Our Spanner Rack is a great solution for this problem. It provides ample storage for all of your spanners and wrenches.

In total, the rack provides storage for up to 16 spanners or wrenches. It can store spanners of multiple sizes, ranging from 6mm up to 24mm. You can use the rack to easily sort and organise all of your spanners in your tool kit. On the end of each hook is a small lip which ensures your tools hang safely and cannot fall off.

Each spanner rack is manufactured from Galvanised Steel. This ensures a strong design which is built to last. It is left in its bare galvanised steel form to give it a real industrial look that looks great in workshops. It also provides great rust-resistance.

Installation is simple. Just screw into the wall using the 3 screw cut into the front of the unit. Once installed, just start adding your spanners and you are ready to go.

As with all MegaMaxx products, this spanner rack was designed in the UK. We manufacture these at our premises in Norfolk.

Key Features:

  • A small lip at the end of each hook ensures your tools hang safely
  • Holds up to 16 Spanners or Wrenches at one time.
  • Stores multiple sizes of spanners, from 6mm to 24mm in size.
  • Manufactured from Galvanised Steel for strength and durability.
  • Length: 655mm 
  • Height: 115mm 
  • Depth: 35mm 

MegaMaxx UK™ Range at TX Autosport

Here at TX Autosport we believe that the key to a productive workplace is organization and attention to detail. Over time, we have developed our own Tool Storage and Organization solutions, intended to be utilized within our workshop.

Our team have found our Storage Units to be so useful that we have decided to share these brilliant products with our customers.

Manufactured right here within our own UK based workshop, using British Steel and Powder Coated for a Smooth, Long Lasting Finish, we are very excited to present the Brand New line of TX Autosport Tool Storage Solutions.