Vauxhall Astra Zafira VXR Z20LET Z20LEH Premium Uprated Actuator Bracket

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Product Description


New for 2018 -  Stronger and a 100% perfect fit.

TX Autosport Astra Vafira VXR Z20LET Z20LEH Premium Updated Actuator Bracket

Designed to fit most uprated aftermarket turbo actuators available including Forge and Turbosmart.

To ensure correct fit please check that your uprated actuator fittings are 34mm apart and M6 thread size which is standard.

Suitable for:
  • Astra VXR
  • Zafira VXR
  • Astra GTC
  • Astra Mk5 SRi
  • Astra Mk4 GSi, Coupe and SRi Turbo
  • Zafira GSi