Wall Mounted Angle Grinder Holder (4 Sizes Available)

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Here at TX Autosport we believe that the key to a productive workplace is organization and attention to detail. Over time, we have developed our own Tool Storage and Organization solutions, intended to be utilized within our workshop.

Our team have found our Storage Units to be so useful that we have decided to share these brilliant products with our customers.

Manufactured right here within our own UK based workshop, using British Steel and Powder Coated for a Smooth, Long Lasting Finish, we are very excited to present the Brand New line of TX Autosport Tool Storage Solutions.

Wall Mounted 4" Angle Grinder and Disc Holder.


Available in a Range of Sizes:

  • 1 Angle Grinder
  • 2 Angle Grinders
  • 3 Angle Grinders
  • 4 Angle Grinders

The Ideal Solution for Angle Grinder Storage in your Workshop.

Also included:

Wall mountable Disc Holder.

Simply bend out the middle Tab and Store your Discs.

You will receive 1 Disc Holder for every Angle Grinder Holder ordered